Reviews For Seven Years
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Title: Seven Years Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Yeah, I know where you're coming from. It sounds like me when I was in high school - the geek with the thick glasses who had his own telescope and studied astronomy. Such kids usually get picked on by the "cool" kids. Don't worry, Lira. All that will change when you become famous.

Author's Response: Well actually, it was the teachers as well : ( Do you really think i'll become famous? ^_^ Thanks for reviewing - Li
Date: Nov 14 2007 09:52 am [Report This]
Title: Seven Years Reviewer: Alataril Serinde Signed
Goddit! You broke a mirror! (V. good and clear and...v. good again.)

Author's Response: Yeah, you have no idea how hard it was to write this, i was talking to one of my friends from the school where all that happened at the time so it was kinda like, 'Try not to go on a guilt trip while talking with Caitie'. I didn't but it was still difficult. Thanks for reviewing - Li
Date: Nov 14 2007 07:40 am [Report This]
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