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Title: Typically Atypical Book One Reviewer: chercher Signed

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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: eastwood6510 Signed
And so I reach the end...
It is so bittersweet.

Ah, but let's not sound sad, for this tale is a true adventure through middle-earth.

Indeed it is my favorite adventure I have read to date in this 'universe'.

You have developed a tale of wondrous and magnificent length and scope, truly an amazing read.

I wish you much luck in all of your endeavors!

Until the time when you may come back, Thank you for the story!

Author's Response: There is more, I promise! It's even already written, I just need the time and ability to focus enough to break it up into chapters and post it. Thank you again for taking the time to review!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: eastwood6510 Signed
Holy Crap!

I can't even express myself properly it seems because of the magnitude of this story you have written.

I have read what seems like hundreds of LOTR fan-fics (among other 'universes'), and this is by far the most well-written, researched, laid out, and best told story I have read.

It just kills me how good it is!

Now the only thing I fear is reaching the end. I will go crazy when I read the last chapter and know there isn't any more!

It's so sad : (

But, this review isn't meant to pressure you, just to tell you that I absolutely love this story and that I think you have a level of writing skill that I rarely even see in 'Professional' Writers.

I really mean that.

Thanks again for writing this story!!

Author's Response: Thank you! How nice of you to take the time to tell me how you feel about my story! From my heart I say it is reviews like this that inspire me to keep coming back. Don't worry, I'm still here. If we both live long enough, you will see more. Thank you again for your kind words. I just hope I can keep my standards high without my mom and stepdad reviewing, copy editing, and cheering me on. I'll be back!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: aelfwine Signed
Hey girl ! Missing you and the story! Its been forever but I can relate to rl being difficult. I look forward to your update !

Author's Response: Allo, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die! Sorry, just watched The Princess Bride the other day and I've had that stuck in my head ever since. So, I'm not dead yet. Life has stunned me quite a bit recently, but I'm brushing myself off, figuratively speaking. Yes, the fact I'm answering my reviews again DOES mean something. I'm really just trying to figure out how to proceed. Chapter by chapter seems outdated nowadays. I'll keep it up until I can think of something better. Thanks, as always, for the review, aelfwine. I've definitely been thinking about my readers lately. The story is slowly coming back into focus. Take care!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: Krystylsky Signed
Love this

Author's Response: Thanks! Thank you for reviewing.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: alien Signed
So, is there going to be an update or is it not worth my time to hope for one?

Author's Response: Yes, I have every intention of updating this series and uploading more volumes, I've just had a lot going on IRL for several years. Frankly, at the time I stopped writing on this, I didn't have any first-hand experience concerning a happy marriage. Now I do and I have more material. One of those things, I guess. A person can write about fantastical creatures, but it's very difficult to write believable dialog for them if you have no personal reference. I am terribly sorry for putting it off, but I believe the quality would have suffered for forcing it. Again, I apologize sincerely for leaving everyone hanging.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: elfenears Signed
My email address is

If you want to, drop me an email :)

Author's Response: You have mail! Sorry for the delay.
Date: 10/12/13 - 03:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: DarkDreamer Signed
Hello again! Yes, I do still use that email. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Author's Response: You have mail, too!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: elfenears Signed
It really is wonderful to see you return, even if it is just to respond to reviews. I had just finished re-reading TA all the way through again, guess what? Enjoyed it just as much the others times... I seem to find little bits that jump out differently each time I read!
I feel like this story has been part of my life forever (cannot imagine how attached you are:)I did do some more Fanart for the story, I shall have to try and find it to show you!

Feel free to drop me an Email if you ever want to chat, I have lots of tales to tell from the last couple of years... Hobbitcon, World Premiere in New Zealand.

Author's Response: I'm so jealous, you wouldn't believe! I dream about going to New Zealand. I've wanted to go there since before they shot the movies, but now, I know exactly where I'd want to go. I'm so pleased you're still enjoying my stories. I'll do my best to get more chapters up. I've changed my email address here on the site and unfortunately lost a few of my contacts from the old one. If you've gotten any spam from that account, I humbly apologize. It was stolen and MS didn't think I had enough info to give it back to me. Anyway, please email me your contact info through the contact link on this sitel I'm definitely interested in your adventures!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: DarkDreamer Signed
Hey there! It's been a long time. You haven't written much, I see. I missed this story! :( if you ever see this, my email is if you want to talk. We've got some catching up to do! :)

Author's Response: Hello lady! I have missed you, too! I'll definitely send an email; I hope you still use that one. Thanks for letting me know how to get in touch with you. I hope to pay you back by finishing up this book and starting to upload the next one!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book One Reviewer: carrythebanner Signed
Oh boy did I just spit my drink out when I read that part about Arwen being called "Winnie"!! - Anyway, just wanted to review so I could say how much I'm enjoying your humour already! x

Author's Response: Be careful! I don't want to be responsible for ruining your keyboard. Thanks for the review! I promise I'll finish book 3 ASAP, so I can start uploading the next part of the series.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: PKofMirkwood Signed
I loved this story an hope you continue writing!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it's taken this long to respond. Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to review. I promise to get back to it. My characters have so much more to share.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Hey, just rereading a couple of chapters and thought I'd drop a review. hope you are well, maybe writing?? :) yours is still in my top five fanfics of all time, hope to see more someday!!
All the best

Author's Response: I'm still here. I hope you're still there. I think you are one of my top five favorite readers of all time, too. :D I hope your life is moving on greased grooves.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: GloryBeeDeb Signed
How wonderful to finally get to the babies being born. I was afraid since it has been years since you updated that I might never read this part. I do hope you will get back to writing as you obviously have a gift and a lot more story to tell. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. For reading and for your kind words. I do plan to get back to it. I have a lot more to upload, but the end of this book must come first. I'll be back as soon as I can. I hate to leave everyone hanging; you would think Elves would be more patient, but I'm afraid Legolas will disown me if I don't finish this book!
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Title: Typically Atypical Book One Reviewer: kingfisher Signed
"Tell Me Why" by the Chordettes (Greatest Hits) in iTunes store.

Author's Response: Have I blown up your inbox yet? Thanks for the tip, I've never heard a recording of that song before. I'll have to get it, now! :D
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Title: Typically Atypical Book One Reviewer: kingfisher Signed
I've been reading and rereading Book three since fall. Decided to go back to the beginning. Thank you so much for writing these stories.

Author's Response: I'll say "you're welcome", but the truth is, I had no choice. It was either write them or go insane. Thanks for the review.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book One Reviewer: kingfisher Signed
This is a great start to the story.

Author's Response: Yes, I'm going to respond to each and every review! Thank you very much.
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Title: Typically Atypical Reviewer: Shetan Signed
I still enjoy rereading "Typically Atypical" and always find something new each time. Your story has certainly become my favorite LOTR and I always check the site. Happy New Year for 2012

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review and the kind words! I have to admit, 2012 was a rough year bleeding into 2013, but the Autumn is my favorite time of year and it's coming in beautifully. I'll do my best to get back into this and finish it before the end of this year. There so much more to tell.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: kingfisher Signed
Rereading again. Great depth to the story. Pick up new things every time I read it. Would love link to your work. ka.ellwood at g mail dot com

Author's Response: I know it's been too long, but I very much appreciate your reviews. I took down your email addy and I'll give it a try with my fingers crossed. I know it's a longshot, but maybe you're still using it.
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Title: Typically Atypical Book Three Reviewer: kingfisher Signed
This is such a beautifully written story. Each time I read it I pick up more things. Thank you so very much.

Author's Response: *blush* My mom says the same thing. :D Frankly, so do I. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
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