Site Awards
Last year, we held the Flame of Anor Awards and everyone seemed fairly pleased with them. Are you guys interested in having them again this year? If so, we'll start the contest on December 1st with open nominations for the best fanfiction in 12 different categories.

This year, I'll probably select a specific group of judges who have no stories of their own nominated. I'd like it to be as unbiased as possible.

Let me know what you guys think.
Adoralyna on Oct 04 2005 07:59 am
Good News/Bad News
Bad news is that our server was hacked, which is why the site has been down lately. Good new is that our wonderful host managed to fix everything for us.

Unfortunately, our backups weren't up to date so any stories you've updated, information added or accounts you registered within the past month will have to be re-added. I'm so sorry about this and we are taking definitive steps to ensure that it never happens again.

Thanks so much and please accept my apologies.
Adora- LotRFF Webmaster
Adoralyna on Aug 03 2005 04:00 pm
Skins are back!
I did a little makeover on the site which includes 22 new skins.

We've gained many new members since we last used this feature and if you're not familiar with it, all you have to do is select the skin you'd like from the menu under "edit personal information." Once you save, it will change the entire appearance of the site to suit your tastes whenever you're logged in.

Another new feature is our "Moderator's Corner", which is a place for the site's staff to post articles and essays relating to writing fanfiction.

I hope everyone enjoys the improvements! Feedback is always appreciated.
Adoralyna on Feb 06 2005 09:59 pm
The votes have been tallied and we've narrowed it down to what our readers feel are the best stories in each category. It was a close race with so much good material submitted- I wish we could have given everyone an award!

We're going to be doing something a bit different in the near future now that the awards are over. Stay tuned for details...

First though, our winners!

Best Book-verse: The Gift of Iluvatar by Ariel

Best Movie-verse: Mysterious Fate by Cormak

Best Action/Adventure: The Strength of One Green Leaf by Kasmi Kassim

Best Drama/Angst: Beyond This World by Thundera Tiger

Best Humor/Parody: Rivendell Rednecks by elf pimp

Best Friendship: Mellyn by Tathrin

Best Short Story: The Sea Sings a Lullaby by Camilla Sandman

Best Original Character: From Out of the Darkness by mirasaui

Best Crossover: Adventures of the Fanfiction Fellowship
Further Adventures of the Fanfiction Fellowship by Terreis (series)

Best Het Romance: The King's Vineyard by Mary A

Best Slash Romance:Not Without You by Adoralyna

Best Kink/Mpreg:Ethuil'waew, Anestel, Cuil Eden by Esteliel (series)

Keep writing those wonderful stories for next year's nominations everyone!
Adoralyna on Feb 05 2005 10:41 pm
Please remember to get your votes in for the Flame of Anor Awards! The deadline is tomorrow and I'll be announcing the winners on Saturday.

Winners will be notified by e-mail.
Adoralyna on Feb 03 2005 12:33 pm
When voting for stories, please make sure to fill out both the name and e-mail boxes on the form. No one sees these but me and you certainly won't be spammed. The reason I ask for these is to:

A.) Make sure you're a member of the site
B.) To ensure that each person only votes once per category

I have to discard entries without identification, so please submit your votes again if you previously omitted this information.

Thank you!
Adoralyna on Jan 20 2005 10:44 pm
Voting for the Flame of Anor Awards is officially open!
It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down, as so many wonderful stories and poems were nominated, but somehow we managed to choose what we felt to be the best three (sometimes four) in each category. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me out with ideas, category readings and everything else!

The rest is up to all of you!

The rules are pretty simple- please only vote once per category. We ask you not to vote for your own work, as we are trying to keep the results as fair and objective as possible.

Voting will end on February 4th, at which time we will announce the winners.
Adoralyna on Jan 17 2005 08:29 pm
The first thing you will probably notice is the addition of separate categories for slash stories. I decided that at the rate which we are growing, this option would make it much easier to find the type of fics you want to read. We have moved all stories that apply to their proper categories.

There are going to be some updates to our rules in the near future, specifically involving flaming and spelling/grammar.

Regarding flaming: Its never pleasant to receive a bad review for your work but unless the review is outright harassment, try to take suggestions under consideration rather than becoming upset. Perhaps the most important tool we have as writers is the feedback we receive from each other and how we utilize it to learn and grow.
However, if a review is simply too harsh for you, delete it and ask the reviewer not to post again. If they don't respect your wishes and start to harass you, that is the point at which you need to contact me and let me deal with it.

Regarding Spelling and Grammar: I cannot stress enough the importance of using decent spelling and grammar in your stories. Even if you have the most incredible plot in the fandom, very few people will be able to read and enjoy your fic if it is fraught with errors. Please proofread your work and if grammatical formatting is not your strong suit, there are plenty of people over at the forum who would be glad to help you correct your mistakes.

Flame of Anor Awards: The cutoff date for the Flame of Anor Awards nominations is January 1st, so make sure to submit your favorite stories if you haven't done so already.

I think that's all for now. More detailed updates on site activity can always be found in the forum. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!
Adoralyna on Dec 18 2004 01:32 pm
Just a couple notes about nominating:

You can nominate your own work. The voting system I've planned will make it fair for everyone.

Series are welcome!

So if you haven't already done so, nominate your favorite stories. Nominations will be running from now until January 1st.

We are also still looking for a few volunteers to help us out so join the discussion at the forums if you're interested.
Adoralyna on Dec 07 2004 12:00 pm
Site Awards!
The Flame of Anor Awards have been unleashed!

Each member can nominate two stories in each category so go ahead over there and make your choices. You will also find more details on how the contest is going to work as well as rules for submission.

I debated whether we should have a few people select the winners once all submissions are in or if I should let all members vote. I chose the latter because I want you all to have a chance to decide the outcome.

I can't wait!
Adoralyna on Dec 06 2004 02:14 am
Site Updates
I have decided to remove most of the other skins due to the fact that its a lot of extra work to change information on all of the pages for six different skins every time I change something on the site.
If anyone has trouble viewing the current skin, let me know and I will either keep one of the old skins or make a special low resolution skin for you guys.


I have opened a topic at the forums for discussion of our up and coming fan fiction awards contest. Please feel free to join in, we can always use the extra input!
Adoralyna on Dec 01 2004 12:20 pm
Great News!
All site email is now working! You should no longer have any problem receiving your reviews by email, requesting new passwords or contacting other members. :)
Adoralyna on Nov 28 2004 04:00 pm
Site Improvements!
You guys may have noticed the addition of a review box at the end of each chapter, which will hopefully make reviewing a bit more convenient for everyone.

Now that the site is growing larger and more active, I have been considering doing an awards contest for the best stories in each category. Members could nominate their favorite fics, vote on them and the winners would be awarded a special graphic to post here in their profiles as well as elsewhere on the web. I would like some feedback on the idea first though, to make sure there are enough people interested to make it work.

Also, I am looking for a couple more moderators for the site. These jobs don't require any HTML/coding knowledge, as I take care of all of that stuff. Basically it would be along the lines of checking over stories and interacting with other authors.

Adoralyna on Nov 27 2004 03:52 am
New Look
I've been trying out new looks for the site, trying to find a layout everyone likes and can view at any resolution.

I'm still working on this one. Can you tell me if you like it and how it looks on your computer? Is the picture of the Ring with the faces inside showing up?
Adoralyna on Nov 23 2004 02:38 pm
This is just a reminder and a tip for the very few people on this site who cannot treat others with courtesy and respect.
Though we are very relaxed here, allowing pretty much all types of stories and ratings, there is one thing that absolutely will not be tolerated here.


One of the main reasons I created this site in the first place was so that people could post their work without fear of being flamed at every turn like they sometimes do in other communities. My authors have been wonderful reviewers, with one rather nasty exception that occured tonight. This person took it upon herself to leave some very insulting comments for one of our most active and respected authors and as a result, has received a severe warning.
Just so this is clear, here is the difference between constructive criticism and a flame:

  • Constructive criticism may not be glowing praise but it is polite and designed to help an author improve their story by pointing out errors and making suggestions.

  • Flaming is a review that attacks an author and is rude, insulting, hurtful or malicious.

We appreciate constructive criticism here but flaming is disgusting and childish and I won't put up with it in any way.
I try to read every review I see but if I miss something or if another author has done anything that seems inappropriate, report it to me at and I will deal with it.

Most of you guys have truly been wonderful and I'm loving your stories!
Adoralyna on Nov 22 2004 03:29 am
Does everyone like the new skin for the site?

I was thinking of removing some of the old skins but I didn't know if anyone might be particularly attached to them. Should I keep any of the others or start fresh with new ones in addition to the elves theme?

Remember, you can change your skin under personal info and if there's a theme you'd like to see, let me know!

Also, I'm working on the option to let users stay logged in as long as they want. That should be running in a day or two.
Adoralyna on Nov 18 2004 09:31 am
New Moderator
We have a new moderator, Camilla Sandman, who has graciously offered to help us out.
She will be checking over stories along with the rest of us and offering helpful suggestions where she can.

The goal here at LotR Fanfiction is to post, read and enjoy stories as well as interact and help each other become better writers so keep reviewing!
If you do receive constructive criticism, remember that its certainly not intended to insult your story only to help you improve.

Don't forget to join the forums for more interaction and helpful tips!
Adoralyna on Oct 19 2004 04:20 am
If you look up at the links, you'll see that I've just installed forums!
These will be a place for beta reading, help with stories and plot ideas, canon discussion, site help and all sorts of other fun fanfiction related conversation.

Click the link and check it out!

Also, you'll notice a new box when you upload stories that says "roundrobin". You can check this box if you want to create an interactive story that many people can update.

We're only having one issue right now, which is users not receiving reviews by email. I will do my best to resolve this soon but make sure to check your stories here for reviews in the meantime.

Take care and keep those wonderful stories coming!
Adoralyna on Oct 13 2004 11:44 pm
Welcome New Members!
We have gained quite a few new members in the last couple of days and I am so glad to have all of you here on the site!

My goal is to make Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction the best site out there for welcoming any and all types of stories, a close knit yet diverse community for all lovers of J.R.R. Tolkien and the actors who portrayed his characters so well in the movies.

How can you help? Well, there are three ways:

  • Read and review stories whenever you have time. Feedback is very important for all of us, its our encouragement and how we grow as writers.

  • Mention us to your friends and other fan fiction writers you enjoy! There is also a cut and paste button on the affiliates page that you can use in your livejournals, blogs or websites to spread the word.

  • Abide by the rules and post your stories with proper rating and warnings. We're pretty laid back here as long as you pay attention to spelling and grammar and put your fics in their proper places.

That's all for now! Please contact me here or at with any questions.
Adoralyna on Oct 09 2004 09:19 pm
New Categories
As you have probably noticed, I split Lord of the Rings up into two separate categories.

The first one is for movie based stories and most general fics. (including slash, AU, original characters) and just about anything else. There are really no restrictions, as long as you add the proper ratings and warning to your stories.
The second is for book/canon verse, stories that stay true to the writings of Tolkien only. These stories will need to be reasonably accurate in their facts and knowledge of Tolkien's works. If you're not sure which category suits your story best, you probably will want to go with the first.

I'll be working on moving the book canon stories as I can but if I miss yours, you can easily change the category under "edit story".
Adoralyna on Oct 02 2004 11:04 pm
Site Improvements!
Lord of the Rings Fanfiction has gone through some positive changes in the last two days. Lots of tweaking and debugging was involved but beyond that, here are a few of the things I did:

  • Fixed the registration system! Now our new users can just put in their information and password on the spot rather than waiting to be emailed a temporary one.

  • I made a brand new skin, making a total of four that members can choose from to change the entire look and feel of the site.

  • Under "Help", there is now a full FAQ for the site with some very important information. Please look it over if you have the opportunity.

  • I added a page for affiliates. Know of a good site that should be on there? Let me know!

  • I am working on our newest feature, which will be a page for tips, essays and tricks for fanfic writers. It will also offer a bulletin board area to request a beta reader or offer your services as one. Discussion of all things fan fiction will also be allowed, with the purpose of sharing ideas and opinions and helping each other out.

Hope everyone is happy with the site and please, keep spreading the word!

Have a great weekend. :)
Adoralyna on Oct 02 2004 12:14 am
Hi all,

it's been recently brought to our attention that some of the stories are full of both spelling and grammatical errors. Please try to use spell check before you post. A few mistakes is understandable but, beyond that, its not only a violation of our rules, but makes your story very difficult to read and enjoy.

This site is for everyone who enjoys writing fanfiction and that is why we have no rules on plot, canon accuracy etc. Not everyone who enjoys writing fan fiction knows the ins and outs of Tolkien and we wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to express themselves here. We're pretty picky about the stories we read ourselves sometimes, but everyone's tastes are different so we don't want to infringe on that.

We have very basic submission rules:

1. No Netspeak: Please use proper spelling/grammar/punctuation/formatting.

2. Be sure to rate your story properly and add any warnings (i.e. graphic sex, excessive violence, character death) to an author's note at the beginning of your story.

3. Flaming will not be tolerated on this site under ANY circumstances. If you don't like a story, don't read it, or at least offer polite, helpful constructive criticism.

If anyone is in violation of these rules, please email us at and alert us to the problem. We will contact that author and resolve the issue.

Thank you,

The Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Staff
Adoralyna on Sep 16 2004 12:30 pm
Need help/Have a suggestion?
Comment here if you are having trouble with any aspect of the site.
Questions? Suggestions? Put it all here and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Adoralyna on Jul 04 2004 11:28 am
About Story/Chapter Uploads
When you upload additional chapters to your stories, you have two options:

A.) You can add new characters/ratings/summary and genre for each individual chapter.

B.) You can automatically carry over the information to each chapter.

If you wish to carry the information over each time you submit new chapters, just go to "Edit Personal Info" under your account and check the appropriate box.

The best way to upload a story is to simply copy and paste your text into the provided box. It holds your format very well, with the exception of the bold and italics, which you may add in.

I haven't played with the uploading option much yet, but I will be testing that out today.
Adoralyna on Jul 02 2004 02:08 am