Made an upgrade of the underlying eFiction software to the very latest version. Do let me know if you spot any issues.
Admin on 02/15/14 11:27 pm
Some stories wont load
- Krystylsky on 02/16/14 10:11 am
Fixed! Sorry for that!
- root on 02/16/14 07:45 pm
From ch 11 onwards, what I post in the story text box will not appear after submitting it. However, what I post in the chapter notes does appear.
- Azukiel on 03/05/14 08:53 am
Hi, I'm having the same issues, where I post a chapter and it doesn't appear. I've tried three times on different computers.
- ToriLee on 03/11/14 04:25 pm
Not sure if this has anything to do with the update but the story text box does not show story text however chapter notes work fine...
- calatheil on 03/21/14 01:53 pm