Be involved in a fandom article

Interested in being featured in an article about LOTR fandom? A journalist in the UK is interested in writing a piece about die hard LOTR fans. Here's some further details and contact information:

I am a journalist and feature writer looking to find MASSIVE LOTR/Hobbit fans.

I want to find people who have Tolkein-related tattoos, turned their rooms/houses into shrines to his work, changed their names to characters from Middle Earth etc.

I am open to ideas as well if anyone thinks they have a good story for me!

I would look at doing a piece for national/international papers and maybe magazines as well. There may even be some TV potential in it.

If you are interested and fancy a chat drop me an email at or call +44 2392820311.

Jake Rusby

Admin on Dec 22 2011 08:01 pm