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  1. 1.) Fire. 2.) Pet. 3.) Transportation. 4.) Plants. 5.) Threats. 6.) Water. 7.) Wind. 8.) Hobby. 9.) Tradition. 10.) Earth. 11.) Breaking the Habit. 12.) Betrayal. 13.) Rebellion. 14.) What Happens Now? 15.) Retaliation. 16.) Count Down. 17.) Celebration. 18.) Count Up. 19.) The Lion and the Mouse. 20.) Gems and Jewels. 21.) Stealing. 22.) New Race. 23.) Run and Run and Run. 24.) Filling In the Gaps. 25.) Documentation. 26.) Metal. 27.) Connecting the Dots. 28.) Waybread. 29.) Wayward. 30.) Crossing the Line. 31.) Leaf. 32.) Painting. 33.) Dreams and Fantacies. 34.) A Book. 35.) Let’s Play A Game. 36.) Sunrise. 37.) Clouds. 38.) Sunset. 39.) Ship. 40.) Down the River. 41.) Fell Creatures. 42.) Anatomy. 43.) Tears. 44.) Wounds. 45.) Valinor. 46.) Justice. 47.) The Nature of Evil. 48.) Language Lesson. 49.) A Simple Delight. 50.) First Word. 51.) On the Brink. 52.) Learning. 53.) Hatred. 54.) Cold. 55.) Hot. 56.) Snow. 57.) Anyone of Us. 58.) Friends Forever. 59.) Feuds. 60.) Hierarchy. 61.) Falling. 62.) I Am Flying! 63.) Vanity. 64.) The Image of Perfection. 65.) Inner Beauty. 66.) Point of View. 67.) Failed Attempt. 68.) Oaths. 69.) From Afar. 70.) I Am Still Here. 71.) Arrow. 72.) Lifeline. 73.) Destruction. 74.) Hidden. 75.) Handicapped. 76.) Harbour. 77.) Half-Way. 78.) Spies. 79.) Flaunting. 80.) Cowardice. 81.) Far-Fetched.82.) Fickle. 83.) Fight On. 84.) Threads. 85.) Parly. 86.) My Weapon’s Name. 87.) On My Own. 88.) Murderer. 89.) Mixed Feelings. 90.) Fountain. 91.) Hunting. 92.) Letters. 93.) Deadline. 94.) I Know You, But Where? 95.) A Difficult Road. 96.) First in Mind. 97.) Fellow Sufferer. 98.) Finally. 99.) The Flag of Surrender. 100.) Beyond the Circles of the World.


No slash/femme, please, and no graphic sex/violence too if there is no reason for either.


If you do not get the meaning of any of the prompt, please do not hesitate to contact me (wind rider) through the E-mail address in my profile.


Two or three prompts from here were taken from the existing challenges, although I forget which, but the rest are my own that I wish to share with you. Enjoy the challenge and happy writing!


Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse Characters: None
Summary: 1. The Heavens Alight. 2. The Song You Used to Sing. 3. They’ll Fall in Love. 4. What Lies Behind You. 5. Oriental. 6. Fine Cuisine. 7. Comet. 8. This Is What We Do For Fun. 9. Autumn. 10. Choir. 11. Prospective Owner. 12. Sleeping Just to Dream of You. 12. The Last Laugh. 13. On the Other Hand. 14. Broken Mirrors. 15. Maps. 16. Pulling Thoughts From My Head. 17. Darling, I Forgive You After All. 18. Optimists. 19. Fighting With Bare Hands. 20. Mutual Shame. 21. Imprint. 22. Barefoot. 23. Roping the Moon. 24. Scratches. 27. Sinister Smile. 26. Berry Patch. 27. Honey. 28. Candle Wax. 29. Leather Studded. 30. Kiss In The Sand. 31. Sweetest Sin. 32. Caught in the Act. 33. Complications. 34. Climbing Trees. 35. We Had the World. 36. Heroine. 37. Heroin. 38. Criminals. 39. Book Mold. 40. Blindfolded. 41. Wanting Your Revenge. 42. In the Interim. 43. Newborn. 44. Fingers. 45. Pacing. 46. Here’s the Bottom Line. 47. Restraint. 48. The Last Horizon. 49. Baking. 50. All My Fault. 51. Walking In on Someone Else. 52. Wolves. 53. Fell In Love Without You. 54. Thunder. 55. Lyre. 56. Prayer. 57. On Your Hands and Knees. 58. Solace. 59. Before the Worst. 60. Speaking the Wrong Language. 61. Natural Disaster. 62. Funeral. 63. Another Chance. 64. Rent. 65. Burning Paintings. 66. “Have You Forgotten Me, Gods?” 67. Petty. 68. All Just a Dream in the End. 69. Secrets. 70. Behind Closed Doors. 71. Her Heart Isn’t Beating. 72. Kittens. 73. Swords vs. Arrows. 74. Broken Wine Glasses. 75. Here’s to Our Health. 76. Exclamation Points. 77. All the Riches in the World. 78. Deaf. 79. I Missed You. 80. Long Lost. 81. Ink Stains. 82. Lyrics. 83. Someone Else’s Turn. 84. Between the Lines. 85. Smile For Me. 86. Wedding Dress. 87. Too Skinny. 88. Scars. 89. Cobwebs. 90. In the Attic. 91. Whatever You Say. 92. Naughty Children. 93. Delirious. 94. Grammar Lesson. 95. Hope is a Four Letter Word. 96. Curses. 97. Plague. 98. On the Plains of the Horselords. 99. Amber. 100. Locked Doors.

I pulled these straight from my head or various song lyrics. Feel free to use them however you like. Whatever characters, whatever age, whatever rating. Just please enjoy! -Whisper
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: 1.Fire 2.Water 3.Earth 4.Air 5.Nations 6.Kings 7. Old Friends 8.Strangers 9. Love will Find a Way 10. A Lifetime of Mistakes 11. How Long is Too Long? 12. Distant Lands 13. Time Repeats Itself 14. Another Chance, Another Choice 15. Silence 16. Fear 17. The Road You Chose 18. Regret 19. The Answer 20. Sadness 21. Separate 22. Passing Shadow 23. When Hope Fades to Nothing 24. Stronger than You Know 25. Ignorance is Bliss 26. A Lifetime Ago 27. All in a Week's Time 29. I Can't Hold on Much Longer! 30. Never Give Up 31.The Other Side 32. To Linger is to Die 33. The Words that Mean so Much 34. Looking for You 35. Digging Deep 36. Where to Draw the Line 37. Life if Simple 38. Tears of Pain 39. Tears of Joy 40. The Whole World 41. The Best Gift of All 42. Life's Sweetest Moment 43.One Thing Nothing Can Destroy 44. Trapped 45. To Run the Race 46. Pride Before Fall 47. The Victor's Song 48. The Truth Comes Out 49. Lies 50. Betrayed 51. Loyalty 52. Let Freedom Ring 53. A Light in the Dark 54. To Make it Last 55. Support 56. The Journey's End 57. Strength to Go On 58. Family 59. Disappointment 60. Unsure 61.Past 62. What the Future Holds 63. Swift as an Arrow 64. The Flood Rises 65. Danger Draws Near 66. Denial 67. Truly Alone 68.Are We There Yet? 69. The Final Breath 70. Forever in Your Eyes 71. The Perfect Place 72. To Come Undone 73. More than This 74.Wasting Time 75. Where the Ground Meets the Sky 76. One Last Chance 77. To Prove Yourself Worthy 78. Prepare for War 79. This isn't the End! 80. One Moment with You 81. Above All Things 82. Battle Cry 83. I Lost my Mind 84. Beginnings 85. Heartbeat 86.Goodbye is not Forever 87. Tomorrow's Problems 88. Good Things don't Last 89. When You're Near Me 90. Rise Above It 91. Let that be Enough 92. The Only Hope 93. Incomplete 94. Sooner or Later 95.Innocence Again 96. The Fatal Wound 97. Learning to Breathe 98. This is Home 99. The Setting Sun 100. Where I Belong. I got most of my inspiration from Switchfoot, Avater the Last Airbender, and the Lion King 2. If I have the same things as anyone else, I apologize, it was unintentional.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: 1.Missing 2.Going Under 3.Bring Me To Life 4.My Immortal 5.Tournequet 6.Good Enough 7.Sweet Sacrifice 8.Snow White Queen 9.Lacrymosa 10.Everybody's Fool 11.Anywhere 12.Weight of the World 13.My Last Breath 14.Taking Over Me 15.Like You 16.Your Star 17.The Only One 18.Haunted 19.All That I'm Living For 20.Imaginary 21.Hello 22.Whisper 23.Call Me When You're Sober 24.Lies 25.Goodnight 26.Listen to the Rain 27.Lithium 28.Cloud Nine 29.Lose Control - Evanescence 30.Sally's Song 31.What's This? - Nightmare Revisited. 32.Broken - Seether with Amy Lee 33.Homecoming - Hey Monday 34.Breakaway 35.Since U Been Gone 36.Haunted 37.Hole 38. Sober 39.You Found Me 40.Hear Me 41.Gone - Kelly Clarkson 42.I'm Sorry 43.Cassie (Either version) 44. I'm So Sick - Flyleaf 45.Stand My Ground 46.Pale 47. Swan Song 48.Somewhere 49.Overcome 50.It's the Fear 51.Memories 52.Our Solemn Hour 53.Forsaken - Within Temptation 54.Realize - Colbie Caillat 55.You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift 56.Keep Holding On 57.Take Me Away 58.Nobody's Home 59.Forgotten 60.Together 61.Losing Grip 62.I'm With You 63.Tomorrow - Avril Lavigne 64.Silent Movie 65.I Bruise Easily 66.We're All Mad - Natasha Bedingfield 67.More Than This - Vanessa Carlton 68.Stand Still, Look Pretty 69.Leave the Pieces - The Wreckers 70.Let the Flames Begin - Paramore 71.The Call 72.Eet - Regina Spektor 73.Stand in the Rain - Superchicks 74.Stop and Stare - OneRepublic 75.Send Me a Song 76.The Voice - Celtic Woman 77.Exile 78.Hope Has a Place 79.Evening Falls 80.On Your Shore - Enya 81.Lament From the Legend of Deirdre - Michael and Jeff Danna 82.The Climb - Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana: The Movie 83.Gift of a Friend 84.Catch Me 85.World of Chances 86.Remember December 87.Got Dynamite? - Demi Lovato 88.2-1 89.Canvas 90.Rake It In 91.Sleep 92.Sweet Religion - Imogen Heap 93.Hunter - Dido 94.I Will Not Bow 95.Hopeless 96.Without You - Breaking Benjamin 97.Used To 98.Over You 99.What About Now? - Daughtry 100.Mordred's Lullaby I do not own any songs listed here. They belong to their owners and no one else.
Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse, Actor Fics Characters: None
Summary: 1. Introduction 2. Love 3. Light 4. Dark 5. Seeking Solace 6. Break Away 7. Heaven 8. Innocence 9. Drive 10. Breathe Again 11. Memory 12. Insanity 13. Misfortune 14. Smile 15. Silence 16. Questioning 17. Blood 18. Rainbow 19. Gray 20. Fortitude 21. Vacation 22. Mother Nature 23. Cat 24. No Time 25. Trouble Lurking 26. Tears 27. Foreign 28. Sorrow 29. Happiness 30. Under the Rain 31. Flowers 32. Night 33. Expectations 34. Stars 35. Hold My Hand 36. Precious Treasure 37. Eyes 38. Abandoned 39. Dreams 40. Rated 41. Teamwork 42. Standing Still 43. Dying 44. Two Roads 45. Illusion 46. Family 47. Creation 48. Childhood 49. Stripes 50. Breaking the Rules 51. Sport 52. Deep in Thought 53. Keeping a Secret 54. Tower 55. Waiting 56. Danger Ahead 57. Sacrifice 58. Kick in the Head 59. No Way Out 60. Rejection 61. Fairy Tale 62. Magic 63. Do Not Disturb 64. Multitasking 65. Horror 66. Traps 67. Playing the Melody 68. Hero 69. Annoyance 70. 67% 71. Obsession 72. Mischief Managed 73. I Can't 74. Are You Challenging Me? 75. Mirror 76. Broken Pieces 77. Test 78. Drink 79. Starvation 80. Words 81. Pen and Paper 82. Can You Hear Me? 83. Heal 84. Out Cold 85. Spiral 86. Seeing Red 87. Food 88. Pain 89. Through the Fire 90. Triangle 91. Drowning 92. All That I Have 93. Give Up 94. Last Hope 95. Advertisement 96. In the Storm 97. Safety First 98. Puzzle 99. Solitude 100. Relaxation The prompts need not be done in order. Just have fun with it! List taken from:
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Faramir has to save his life by telling erotic tales. Faramir is captured and brought to a distant land as a prisoner (Harad, Khand or any other place of your choice). His fair noble looks win him the favour of the local king, who takes the Gondorian prince into his harem. But soon Faramir learns the blood-curdling truth: the lord sleeps with a particular man only once – and on the morrow the unfortunate fellow is beheaded. The king had once been cheated on by his long-term lover, and now keeps revenging himself for his pain and humiliation… So, by the time Faramir is called into the royal bedroom, he has a plan. After all the passions are satisfied, Faramir asks if the lord would like to be entertained by a story (let’s assume they, being noble and educated, have between the two of them a tongue both can understand). The king gives him permission to begin – but Faramir soon notices his master is getting bored, and thus the Gondorian decides to spice things up and add some intimate content. This reawakens the royal attention, and thus Faramir resolves to telling a tale from his personal adventures (which there were many of) – but in the most interesting place the morning catches him, and he has to stop. The king is so keen on learning how the story ends, he decides to spare Faramir for the day and kill him the following morning, after they spend another night together, and the man finishes his narrative. But, naturally, the following morning comes right in the middle of another captivating tale of Faramir’s – and thus it goes on…
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash, Book-verse, Book Verse Slash Characters: Aragorn, Boromir, Eomer, Faramir, Legolas
Summary: I want you to try and write a thirtythree chapter story using all the imagination you can! Keep it simple, free of swearing, sex, and stuff like that. Violence, mild gore, and horror are fine. The plot should be about the complete, and utter destruction of Mirkwood, Gondor, and most of Middle Earth.
Categories: Other Movies, Book-verse, Movie-verse Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Balrog, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elrond, Ents, Eomer, Eowyn, Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf / Olorin, Gimli, Legolas, Merry, Mouth of Sauron, Nazgûl, Orcs/Uruk-Hai, Paladin Took, Paris, Pippin, Rog, Sam, Saruman, Sauron, The Fellowship, Théoden, Treebeard, Witch King
Summary: AU Challenge. What if Legolas was on the dark side? How would have that affected the war of the Ring? You can make him anything.A wraith as seen in 'the weeping wraith' by Katharine Faith or as someone kidnapped and raised by Sauron. He should be something from the Dark side, something other than an Orc. And please no angst.Tragedy,yes but no angst.I have seen way too many "Legolas get's captured and tortured" ones. Let him be the one torturing for once.Also,please no slash.You can use your OC to depict the change of heart.There are a lot of Sauron's daughter fics.It can be basically the same thing with the roles reversed.
Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse Characters: Legolas
Summary: In the year 2009, write a story about one of the Nine Nazgul... or perhaps all nine! Do you see the Nazgul as beings of evil, or perhaps as misunderstood antiheroes? Ever wonder about their lives before they accepted the Rings, and what happened to them after they faded into the wraith world and became Sauron's most feared servants? Write about the Witch-king of Angmar, Khamul the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur, or one of their illustrious comrades. Adventure, romance, drama, comedy, tragedy... drabbles, stories, poems, essays... Canon or AU... het or slash... Second Age, Third Age, or beyond... Everything is welcome, just so long as the Nazgul are featured!
Categories: Book-verse, Book Verse Slash, Movie-verse, Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Nazgûl, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Witch King